Off-Site Services

We have a fully certified team (WCB Safety Certified and ISN Certified Contractor) that can come to you. If your equipment breaks down and needs repairs, if you need a hydraulic, mechanical, or even welding and machining installation we can help you. Our staff can go to worksites anywhere in Atlantic Canada to do your equipment repair and get the job done as fast as safety permit.

Always working with qualified professionals for each area. See below what services we can offer you:

Machining and Welding

  • Mechanical support for installation or removal of equipment to be repaired at our shop
  • Welding repair of mobile equipment including boom repairs, cylinder mounts, track frames, and bucket repairs
  • Portable line boring for stationary equipment in industrial facilities, as well as mobile forestry and construction equipment
  • Structural steel erection and installation
  • Marine Equipment repair
  • Pile cap installation and certified pile splicing

Hydraulic and Mechanical

  • Hydraulic & Pneumatic installations
  • Commissioning and Installation of OEM equipment
  • Emergency repair of rotating equipment, material handling systems, hydraulic & pneumatic equipment
  • Gearbox and Pump installations